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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


porno verboten in india

India Attacking And Blocking Explicit Websites

Since last week, one of the largest markets for online pornography no longer has access to over 800 websites. The second largest state in...
Michael Avenatti in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN talking about the Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniels law suite

Trump Wants Stormy Daniels To Pay

After calling Stephanie Clifford, the actress known as Stormy Daniels, a »horseface« on Twitter President Donald J. Trump decided that he still does not...
Stormy Daniels verliert gegen Trump vor Gericht

Stormy Loses In Court – Trump Calls Her Horseface

Stormy Daniel's defamation suit against Donald J. Trump was rejected by a federal judge on Monday. In a first reaction, Trump went on twitter...
womanizer court case

Womanizer Wins in Court

Womanizer's holding company WOW Tech Group sued Venize Trading for copyright infringement. Now a court in Munich ruled against Venize Trading and effectively said...
free speech

FSC Issues Warning About Fraudulent Producer

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has issued a warning that a person claiming to be a director for Kink.com is contacting models to get...
choice bank

Choice Bank To Be Liquidated

Choice Bank, a popular payment processing company for revenues from adult entertainment, is about to be liquidated. On a website set up specifically for...
free speech

FSC Wins Court Battle Over Strict Recordkeeping Regulations

A district court in Philadephia issued a judgment in the challenge over federal recordkeeping regulations for adult entertainment producers brought forward by the Free...
Daniels VS Trump

Trump Sued for Defamation by Stormy Daniels

Apparently, Stormy Daniels is no one to pick a fight with. As if President Donald J. Trump's troubles aren't enough the porn actress decided...

Possible Backpage.com Trial in 2020

One of the first visible actions taken by law enforcement based on the new FOSTA/SESTA laws against sex trafficking was the raid and seizure...
Karen McDougal and Donañd Trump

Playboy Model Now Free To Tell Her Story About Trump Affair

The former Playboy model Karen McDougal was able to free herself to talk again about her alleged affair with President Donald J. Trump by...