Steve Holmes Invites You Behind the Scenes

Steve Holmes

Legendary porn star Steve Holmes, who has achieved global fame particularly through his productions for, has long been posting footage of his work on his YouTube channel and providing a behind-the-scenes look at his current productions, including the controversial Facialabuse website.

Steve Holmes, 57, is one of the most prominent and respected performers in the industry. During his career, which began in 1996, he has appeared in over 2,500 scenes. Since 2002 he has divided his time between Los Angeles and Budapest. His YouTube channel provides insight into his work, his thoughts and especially the production conditions at sets of the studios he works for.

Through years of work on the website, which specializes in BDSM and fetish scenes, he has acquired a worldwide fan base and, like many of the site’s veterans, stands for scenes that have reached new levels of realism, pushing boundaries and that were at the same time created under thoughtful, ethically sound conditions. The series “Public Disgrace”, produced for, has set new standards and converted fetish porn to an almost cinematic fullness.

His channel video also explains that Holmes believes pornography is an art form. And in his work for, the revolutionary approach is indisputable, especially with regard to imagery. It was no coincidence that Hollywood star James Franco produced a documentary about the website, which by now has transferred its productions to external studios and concentrates essentially on achieving global supremacy as a label and distribution company for the BDSM niche.

So it’s a little surprising that Holmes has recently been in front of the camera for one of the most controversial sites in the industry: Facialabuse. The productions of the site are characterized by relatively brutal scenes, in which – so the fiction goes – the boundaries of the performers and not of the characters they are playing are deliberately crossed. The debatable aspect is certainly the question of the extent to which the actual execution is fiction in other words if the scenes are just a rough meta version of the almost popular casting couch fetish.

It therefore seems hardly a coincidence that Holmes also accompanied the shooting of the first two Facialabuse productions with his participation with a making off. The previous design and the standard scenes normally seen on Facialabuse were changed. Holmes two film partners Della Dane and Violet Monroe hare on screen talking about the experience.

For someone like Holmes, who understands pornography as art and likes to invent new formats, it seems only logical to look for a special challenge. It is certainly not easy to transform the often criticized Facialabuse site into an uncontroversial gonzo provider without scaring off the fanbase.

In an interview with XBIZ, Holmes says that his fans have a basic understanding of the industry. Nevertheless, many people would approach him and ask for insights into his work.
»A lot of people ask me questions, they write on Twitter: ‘Hey, can you take me to a set? I want to see how porn is shot, I want to be live with it.’« Of course that’s not possible, Holmes jokes, you can’t take anyone to the office with you. »But I can virtually take you on set with my camera.«

In addition to his work for Facialabuse, Holmes also presents insights into productions by well-known studios such as Dogfart, Evil Angel, New Sensations, PureTaboo and Zero Tolerance in the »Behind The Porn Scenes« series. According to Holmes, the result is an overview of the porn landscape: »I’m covering the area I’m involved in. Many different niches, from features to gonzo to more extreme stuff. I work in various countries — and every set is different.«

The interesting insights can be found here. The actor’s channel now has over 2000 subscribers. If you also want to follow the regular updates, click here.



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